Carleton Mushrooms

At Carleton Mushroom Farms our goal is to leave this planet in better shape than we found it. We have established and implemented several ethical and environmentally friendly growing practices in order to focus on a sustainable future.

Mushrooms are considered one the most sustainably produced foods in the world, and Carleton Mushroom Farms is proud to grow a product that is gentle on the earth.

Here's how we are implementing sustainable practices on our farm:

We don’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides on our mushrooms. This not only means our mushrooms are good for you, but good for the environment.
Our mushrooms are grown on a substrate that is made up of other agricultural by-products that would otherwise be disposed of through traditional methods.
When our mushrooms have completed their growing cycle we take the spent mushroom substrate and turn it into compost, which you can buy from local gardening centers and nurseries in our area.
Our packaging is made from recycled materials.

Looking for compost?

Adding mushroom compost to your lawn, garden and flowerbeds is an excellent way to boost nutrients in the soil to help your plants thrive! At this time we are not selling our spent compost to the general public, and our compost is taken off-site daily. If you are interested in buying mushroom compost please reach out to the following vendors, they would be happy to help you with your composting needs. Happy gardening!