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Fresh Mushroom Sales are Growing!

Mushrooms aren’t just for topping pizza or tossing into salads, today’s shoppers are becoming more “mushroom savvy” and are searching out mushrooms as a flavour-enhancer, ingredient for weight management, a meat extender and a natural plant-source of vitamin D.

As a top “showcase” category, mushrooms can significantly impact the overall image of your produce department, but the key to increased sales lies in proper merchandising and cold chain management.

Tools and Resources
As the retail landscape becomes more and more competitive, you can differentiate yourself with merchandising strategies and tactics aimed at shoppers’ unique needs and preferences. Successful retailers stand out by implementing key merchandising fundamentals such as assortment, pricing and promotion. 

Today’s produce departments are filled with vibrant colors, signage and seasonal displays, tasting samples and other eye-catchers – all designed to attract, engage and activate busy shoppers.
Here are 10 ways you can merchandize your mushroom displays to ensure sales lift.
  • Maintain temperature to help extend shelf life; always store mushrooms at 0° - 5° C
  • Mushrooms are a Top 10 vegetable, display them in an easy-to-spot location in the produce department
  • Stock the right selection of varieties desired by your shoppers. Group mushrooms together to create strong visual impact
  • Consider a vertical mushroom section to maximize visibility
  • Generate interest with POS materials, colourful signage and cross merchandising opportunities
  • Provide recipes and meal ideas to excite and motivate your shoppers
  • Take advantage of top trends such as organics, high-growth segments and locally grown messaging where possible
  • Keep shelves well-stocked with fresh, high-quality product
  • Build clean, neat, organized and visually appealing displays
  • Ensure prices are clearly marked and offer good value

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