Carleton Mushrooms

Curbside Pick-Up


We are OPEN for curbside pick-up! When ordering mushrooms for pick-up please specify the type and quantity as outlined in our Price List, how you plan to pay, and your requested pick-up time.

We are open for pick-up between 9am and 3pm. Payment can be made via cheque, cash or e-transfer (

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Carleton Mushroom Farms Sales Ltd.
Phone: 613-826-2868  
Fax: 613-826-1741

farm location

6280 Dalmeny Road, P.O. Box 549
Osgoode, ON  K0A 2W0
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farm hours

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

How To Pick-Up Your Order

When you arrive on the farm to pick-up your order please follow these directions:

1. Once you have placed your order please arrive at the farm at your requested pick-up time.
2. Enter the farm through our designated pick-up/ordering area at our farm’s main entrance.
3. Pay for your order in-person via cheque, cash or e-transfer.
4. Enjoy your mushrooms!

How We Are Keeping Safe

All family, staff and partners at Carleton Mushroom Farms take this situation very seriously. The personal safety of everyone who enters our farm is of the utmost importance. We have implemented numerous new health and safety protocols on the farm to ensure proper social distancing while working. We are also adamant about requiring staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell.

We have increased the cleaning and sanitization of high traffic and common areas on our farm, mandated staff wash their hands for 20 seconds or more with soap and water, require gloves and masks to be worn, and have rearranged harvesting shifts and packing lines to ensure more distance.

If you have any questions about our efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out. We thank you again for choosing Carleton Mushroom Farms, your continued support means the world to us during this time.

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