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Mushrooms Make Your Menus Better!

Mushrooms are a great flavour enhancer, bringing added value, consumer appeal, health benefits, sustainability and versatility to the foodservice kitchen. Mushrooms complement everyday meals — from appetizers and salads to main dishes and sides, mushrooms make your menus better!

Key Benefits of Menuing Mushrooms
  • Low Calories and Fat: Serve your customers what they want but with lower calories, less fat, less cholesterol and reduced sodium. And with mushrooms you won’t sacrifice the flavour!
  • Blend and Extend: Mushrooms blend with ground meat to get a vegetable into the center of the plate.
  • Cost Control: With meat costs continuing to rise, mushrooms can help bring down the cost of the items that your customers ask for most.
  • Holding and Texture: Mushrooms make any item juicier for better texture, flavour and holding time, which is critical to dining operations.
How to Add Mushrooms to Your Menu
  • Appetizers: Make mushrooms center of the plate by featuring them as an appetizer. Stuffed mushrooms are always a hit and are easy to share.
  • Go Meatless: Replace meat all together with meaty tasting mushrooms. Transform a bolognese or spice up tradition tacos with mushrooms.
  • Blend and Extend: Blending finely chopped mushrooms and ground meat together allows consumers to enjoy healthier versions of classic recipes without sacrificing taste. Try a blended burger or meatloaf.
  • Something Extra: Boost flavour and appeal of your classic dishes and offer an exotic variety of sautéed mushrooms as an additional topping to steaks, chicken, pasta and fish.

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